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How can I tell difference between beer belly and ascites?

Posted by kayakgal44

My husband is 55 and has been a heavy drinker for 10 years or more.  He currently has a hard, round belly and still drinks heavily.  He had a diagnosis of fatty liver four months ago on ultrasound...but doc doesn't know for sure if it is worse than this or not without biopsy. 

 He refuses to see a doc right now.  He is stubborn and in denial but that is another problem.

He is also on paxil and I know paxil can cause weight gain but cannot tell what is going on here.  His stomach is round and hard and SOMETIMES causes shortness of breath.  At least I think this is the cause of the shortness of breath.  Not sure.

 Clearly he needs to be seen but wondering about my original question:  Is there a way I can distinguish between simple fat gain or something more serious going on with this stomach? 

 Thank you in advance.

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