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High Fructose Corn Syrup for Jud and Tracey

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:29pm

The lemonade is rendez-vous brand and I get it at Whole Food and World Market. It is lovely. Not too sweet and just tart enough to give your tongue a squeeze but not so much that your face sucks in to the back of your skull.
Now, about High Fructose Corn Syrup, hereafter referred to as HFCS because it’s easier to type.

HFCS is not a ‘natural’ food contrary to what those commercials say. It is genetically modified and messed about with in the lab. It was invented in Japan in the 1960’s. Unlike sugar beets or sugar cane, corn is not really that sweet without a little help from Papa Scientist. And sugar beets and sugar cane didn’t have to be invented. They were just sort of there, growing, minding their own business and someone found them. Big difference. There were no beakers, test tubes, diseased rats or monkeys involved. Someone picked it, found it to be good and made some cup cakes.
Some people are High Fructose Intolerant and there is test for this that is similar to the lactose intolerance test.
HFSC is handled differently in the body from natural sugars in that the major amount of digestion of the HFSC is handled in the liver. For some people this can stress their livers, cause fatty deposits on their livers and in extreme cases cause cirrhosis of the liver and kidney failure.
When it comes to Crohn’s disease and other IBD’s it causes a variety of symptoms. Many of which are similar to the ones people experience after a long night of drinking beer and eating 5 big bowls of firehouse chili. Only more painful, prolonged and bloody. HFSC can prohibit reaching a remission or maintaining one. Not a good thing.
It has been found that many people who do not have Crohn’s or other IBD’s but are still experiencing all of the symptoms experience a partial or full cessation of symptoms after cutting HFSC out of their diets.
Cutting HFSC out of your diet is very, very, difficult. Just about every singled manufactured and packaged food on the shelf of your grocery store. HFSC is in foods I would never have guessed such as pickles, bread, and even in things like ‘all natural’ granola bars, and other healthy treats. You have to be extremely dedicated and vigilant in the beginning until you find foods that you know are HFCS free and, even, more important, that you like. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way that some foods which were previously free of the nastiness added it in at a later time.
It should also be noted that for some people real sugar can also have the same effect on them as HFSC.
Something now being studied is the correlation of obesity rates and HFSC use. HFSC’s rate of use, as in the amount that is added to different foods and the variety of foods it is added to has been increased incredibly and right along with it, so have the obesity rates. In my own personal opinion I believe that HFSC, no matter how bad it is, is not entirely responsible but looking at the numbers, I think it can share part of the blame.
If you are experiencing IBD type symptoms try this. Cut out the corn syrup completely and drink lots of water. You should start seeing a difference or improvement in a few days if the HFCS was the culprit.
You can also find a lot of good info on it on the ‘net, however, be prepared to wade through a lot of uninformed and not very well researched articles as well as things written in such a way as to support their own personal agenda or mania. HFSC is bad enough, it doesn’t need their radical self-interest spin put on it. How can they not realize that their nonsense undermines their own interests? Not to mention makes them look like twits. Not only that, it clutters up the ‘net and makes it difficult to find good and valuable information.

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