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Hello, I have a really gross question to ask about constipation, but I really need help.

Posted by cp12345

Hello, I have a really gross question to ask about constipation, but I really need help. So, I'm just going to apologize before hand. Anyways, I just got my wisdom teeth out a few days ago, and I was taking percoset. I also wasn't eating much, and so I didn't poop for a couple of days.  Yesterday, I stopped taking the percoset (on schedule) and finally needed to poop, but it was way to big to come out. I eventually gave up, and took stool softeners. Then I tried pooping in the shower because it didn't hurt quite as bad, and I was able to get some out by picking at it. Then i went to bed and in the morning it forced itself out, but it wouldn't actually come all the way out, so I was in a lot of pain in the shower, and i pushed really hard, and i got a big part of the stool out, but i can still tell that there is some of the big one left. I had to stop though, because i was feeling really shaky and faint. Right now my anus hurts really bad, so i put some neosporin on it. I need to eat something because i feel really faint (i haven't eaten much in the past few days because of the wisdom teeth surgery). I'm really scared that I'll eat the wrong thing, and it will make my constipation worse. Also I don't really want to eat anything because I'm scared  about dealing with the pain again. So, now that you know what happened, I have a few questions. First, what should i eat right now? Also, do you have any suggestions as to what I should do in regards to passing the stool, something to do that might not make it hurt as bad? I'm really sorry for how gross this is, but i really need help. 
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Best thing? Visit your GP. 
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