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Hello Breakfast Time!

Posted May 08 2011 3:55pm

As promised I did indeed have my Rude Health cornflakes with my Kara coconut milk for breakfast this morning and it made a brilliant change from having something that feels nothing like breakfast at all! I’m not going to lie and say my breakfast was amazing but I certainly enjoyed it more than other ACD breakfasts. The cornflakes were smaller and more natural tasting than the standard store bought ones and when you chew them for a while, they taste a bit like popcorn :-) I would definitely recommend people trying this as a breakfast option.

Another yummy thing I have had today is my dinner, just finished eating it and it was fab. I made my own kebabs – simply a skewer, some chunky chopped pepper, onion and courgette and some chunks of chicken. Drizzle some olive oil over, salt and pepper and some herbs, etc. of your choice. Oven cook (or BBQ) and serve with salad. Delicious! The great thing is this is a totally bog standard meal which you can vary with any meat or veg and your non ACD friends won’t mind eating this with you. I think half the challenge can be finding meals that you don’t feel embarrassed about cooking for your “normal” friends.

Today is my day 6 of the diet and finally my stomach is a bit less bloated, more like a grapefruit than a football today but I am still exhausted and my BMs are interesting to say the least. Not sure how long this will last but it has been much needed  motivation to continue.

On a slightly different note, my step-mum has a friend in Australia who has just been diagnosed with  Fibromyalgia . She has had symptoms of something for years but has not been diagnosed for ages. If you look it up, many of the symptoms are similar to what candida sufferers describe. Equally, it has been suggested that a low sugar diet can help to reduce the symptoms suffered by those with Fibromyalgia. I wonder what the connection is between the 2 illnesses and if actually they might be the same and whether Fibromyalgia could be “cured” using the ACD. Anyone any thoughts on that? Know any sufferers?

Right, time for me to prepare myself for work tomorrow, it’s a challenge for me to be organised enough to take my packed lunches but all in the name of feeling well!



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