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Goal Setting, Does it work?

Posted Mar 15 2010 1:44pm


I used to not set goals although I knew it was important. Why?  I was afraid of not reaching them and thinking that someone was going to be waving a finger at me saying YOU FAILED, YOU DIDN’T REACH YOUR GOAL! Which never happened. In school I had already failed the test before I took it, and guess what, I usually did not get a good grade. Amazing I got a bachelors degree! BUT now I write goals down and guess what….. They happen!

  1. Set Goals
  2. Write them down
  3. Set a date to achieve them
  4. Put them where others can see
  5. Repeat your goals to yourself daily

You do the above YOU will succeed. and if you do not succeed the first date that is set, set a new date. I guarantee you have made steps toward that goal and know how to get there the next time the date rolls around.

Please Please Please believe in yourself. We all have the strength to get us where we need to be. It may be health, work, love, but if we dig deep enough and believe in ourselves and follow the above steps it WILL happen!
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