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Gall-Bladder Disorders

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:39pm

The gall-bladder is a pear-shaped organ, 10 cm. long and three to five cm. wide, attached to the under-surrace of the liver on the right side. The main function of the gallbladder is to store the bile secreted by the liver. Bile is an excretion composed mainly of bile salts and acids, colour pigments and cholesterol. It assists in the digestion and absorption of fats and the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, minerals and calcium.

The main problems which afflict the gall-bladder are an inflammatory condition known as cholecystitis and gallstones. Gall-stones are usually caused by disturbances in the composition of the bile. A change in the ratio of cholesterol and bile salts may result in the formation of deposits. At the start, these may be in the form of fine gravels. But these fine particles constitute the nucleus for further deposits, ultimately leading to the formation of larger stones. An irritation of the lining of the gall-bladder due to inflammation may also lead to the formation of particles. The incidence of gall-stones is higher in females than males, particularly in the obese.

Symptoms ::

The major symptom of gall-bladder disease is acute or intermittent epigastric pain. Indigestion, gas, a feeling of fullness after meals, constipation, nausea and disturbed vision are the other usual symptoms. Intolerance to fats, dizziness, jaundice, anaemia, acne and other lesions may also occur. Varicose veins, haemorrhoids and breakdown of capillaries are also disorders associated with gall-bladder troubles.

Causes ::

The association of gall-bladder disease with obesity together with their reported rarity in primitive people, living on simple diets, suggest that dietary factors play a major role in the development of this disease.

The main cause of gall-bladder disorders is overnutrition caused by refined carbohydrates, especially sugar as the loss of fibre removes a natural barrier to energy intake. Overnutrition also leads to increased cholesterol secretion. Meals rich in fats may cause an attack of gall-bladder pain or gall-stone colic. Chronic constipation is a most important predisposing factor. Poor health, hereditary factors, stress, spinal displacements, bad posture and muscular tension may also cause gall-bladder disorders. The Chinese link the gall-bladder disorders with the emotion of anger.

Treatment ::

Surgery becomes necessary if the gall-stones are very large or in cases in which they have been present for long. Smaller gall-stones can, however, be cleared through dietetic cure. In cases of acute gall-bladder inflammation, the patient should fast for two or three days, until the acute condition is cleared. Nothing but water should be taken during the fast. After the fast, the patient should take fruit and vegetable juices for few days. Carrot, beet, grapefruit, pear, lemon or grapes may be used for juicing.

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