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Fruits and Veggies

Posted Sep 07 2010 6:33am

There is much research on fruits and vegetables about their physiological benefit.  How the nutrients within these foods fight cancer, promote healthy this, and stop that.  Researchers always aim at the vitamins and minerals within fruit and vegetables.  However, vitamins and minerals are merely precursors and are not capable of doing any work themselves.

Ok, so you're visual person and need an example.  If you have a multivitamin at home take some apple sauce and put the multivitamin in it.  Does anything happen?  Probably not.  If the multivitamin has any quality to it, it will dissolve.  But largely everything will remain the same.  Thus, vitamins and minerals don't do work.  Now, if we place some enzymes in the apple sauce this changes the whole picture.  The apple cause will begin to separate into water and apple substrate.  The reason being is enzymes are hydrolytic, meaning they separate water from the food.

Why is this beneficial?  This is beneficial because the body is going to do that anyway.  If your body already shows symptoms of upset stomach, acid reflux, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, etc, than you are not breaking down your food like this.  The reason fruits and veggies are so beneficial is the enzymatic content within them.  What other food do you eat raw besides fruits and veggies?  For the vast amount of American's it is nothing else!  This is why researchers will always find beneficial effects of vitamins and minerals in these foods, but when a specific vitamin and mineral is tested in a lab it does not have the same potency they think it should.  This is also why there is so much conflicting evidence on the use of vitamins and minerals.

Maybe everyone is looking at the wrong thing.  What if the enzymes in fruits and veggies are instead of vitamins and minerals.  Because what I notice is most people need more enzymes, not necessarily more vitamins and minerals.

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