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Foreign Body in Stomach

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:40pm

Amongst the unusual cases that I have seen during my medical practice is one associated with a 30 year old female patient who came to my practice one afternoon in 1990 complaining of early morning halitosis and sensation of bad breath (alitosis) . The patients anxiety regarding her bad breath, which according to her had its origins in the stomach, was noticeable during my initial interview with her. A fiber-optic endoscopic examination was performed (the images are of a lower resolution than present day video-endoscopy images) and much to my surprise a snake-like foreign body was found.

See images and Videos.

More details download  the video clip by clicking on the endoscopic image.

Examination was performed with an older endoscope, rendering a lower resolution than present day state of the art video-endoscopes. Image of a snake-like foreign body in the stomach of a 30 year old woman.

Note the shape of a snake.

For more endoscopic datails please download the video clip by clicking on the image

The central hole simulates an eye.

One extreme of the foreign body extends into the region of the duodenal bulb. One can identify the multiple bristles as belonging to a common toothbrush, that had been lodged inside the stomach for over two years.

Via: Notes On Cyber Gastroentrology.

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