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For the past 3 1/2 years my wife has been suffering with frequent bowelmovements w/stomach pains,fast heart rate and sweating, a

Posted by shelby48

For the past 3 1/2 years my wife has been suffering with frequent bowel movements w/stomach pains,fast heart rate and sweating, also frequent chronic migraine-like headaches that has her left eye spasm. Everytime she eats or drinks anything 10-15 min later sometimes 25-30 min later she has a bowel movement and stays on the toilet for about an hour all the time. Her stool is usually very loose and the other day she had some white jelly or mucus like substance come out.During this time she has seen about 3 GI doctors and 2 bariatric doctors. One of the bariatric doctors felt that she needed a Gastric revision but it had to go through a board of his peers and they felt that it wasn't warranted. So we seen another bariatric doctor and he did detect an ulcer that she is being also treated for now but he said an ulcer would not cause her bowel problems and she did have pain from the ulcer but it was in a different spot.She has pains in her middle abdomen just about everyday,we thought it was IBS but she still have pains even after bowel movements and it continues. During and after eating she sweats especially from her nose area and her heart rate goes up and has chronic headaches very frequent and it makes her left eye spasms.She is currently seeing a cardiologist for her heart and is on medication,she never had heart problems like this prior .After every bowel movement she becomes hungry and she has about 9-10 bowel movements a day or more and loses 4-5 pounds a day. My wife had Gastric Bypass Surgery roux-en-y 8 yrs ago and her gallbladder was removed during this surgery,and had to have a total hysterectomy 6 yrs ago. She also became anemic after the surgery .I read that 17% of patients that had gallbladder removal had long term bowel complications and bile. Most of the symptoms that she has shows the same as bile dumping syndrome when I looked this up . GI doctors she seen did all the tests ran colonoscopies and test for Chron's and other digestive disorders and all came back negative


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