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Foot pain and digestion

Posted Sep 02 2010 12:13pm

There is an excess amount of foot pain and problems.  I find a combination of problems when dealing with foot pain.  Foot pain is often chronic in nature.  Many times foot pain is derived from spraining an ankle or a low back injury.  Low back injuries can cause you to limp as well as change your gait pattern causing your weight to shift from one side to another.  This lateral shift in weight can cause your feet to hurt and ankles to swell.

Most of the time ankle/foot problems respond very well to chiropractic adjustments.  Realigning the bones in the foot to restore normal mechanical function is vitally important for the whole body.  Not only will pressure come off the knee, but the sacroiliac joint will feel better as well.  There are times when a foot problems becomes more than a mechanical situation that can be corrected with adjusting and an orthotic.

The problem being discussed is when someone has a toxic bowel.  A toxic bowel is when the lining of the intestines become inflamed.  When the intestine becomes inflamed it allows for larger food particles to pass through it.  In this situation a "leaky-gut" syndrome can occur.  Leaky in that it is literally leaking poop back into your body.  Gut because of your bowel.  Now the reason this has an affect on the foot is spinal innervation.  The gut is innervated by the same level of spinal nerves as the bottom of the foot.  The reflex mechanism allows for irritation of the tissue in the gut to reflex to the foot.

You are probably thinking, "how is this possible."  However, in administering to my patients a whole food supplement containing proteins, fats, and carbohydrates the arch of the foot actual raises!  Yes, that means as we break our food down correctly and nourish the body/gut the foot will improve the arch.  Improving the arch will allow for more movement in dorsi/plantar flexion.

That is a simple picture illustrating dorsi/plantar flexion of the foot.  This motion is important in walking.  With proper mechanics there is pressure taken off the sacroiliac joint and the low back starts to feel better as well!  There are many causes to foot pain, but this is just a sample as to how digestion plays a role in just about everything in your body.  So when your body starts to hurt, ache, or tell you something isn't right, you should listen!

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