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Posted Mar 04 2013 12:13pm





Hi, all. This will be short and sweet since I’m not really feeling up to amusing gifs and clever puns. Here’s the rundown: Went to ER last night because of pelvic pain and swelling accompanied by bad nausea and shaking. After ER doc determined that J-pouch=several surgeries, total colectemy and that total colectemy=NO appendix, he ordered pain, nausea meds, and a CT. CT scan showed Crohn’s flare (no surprise there) and my uterus is inflamed because the fistula. Seems the shit tunnel is active after all. On several strong antibiotics to prevent infection/sepsis and waiting to get in earlier to Cleveland for surgery. Side note: Dr. Shen is the best! He talked to my ER doc last night who was lost in the J-pouch/Crohn’s weeds and told him what to do.

Your fistula is here…

Gave me his cell on a Sunday night so he could help me out. What a guy!!
Tindamax AND cipro for now. Trying to get in to see Remzi sooner but when I called the scheduler and told them Shen wanted me in this week she let out a big laugh. That’s a good sign, right?
Oooh, and I just got fired for being sick. Again. Good times. Too small to be eligible for FMLA .
Surprisingly, don’t feel as bad as I thought I would. Just tired and sore and very swollen in my abdomen/pelvic area. Don’t think it’s hit me 100% mentally.
But have I told you what a great support system ya’ll are? As my friend, Casey, would say, “You get a gold star.”

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