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FAP is it really fun?

Posted Mar 10 2009 8:26am

Today I was checking out sites for support or anything other than doctor crap about FAP.  Why you ask?  Let me explain, a year ago this pasy February I was given the diagnosis of FAP (Familial Adenomatous Polyposis) and from February until August (the takedown) I was in utter shock, I feel as though I was in a complete daze and missed out on life.  Luckily I had my loving husband with me on most appointments so later I could ask him a million questions.

Since it's coming up on my one year of my first surgery (colon removed w/ temporary ileostomy) in May I figured it's about time I spread my good news.  I mean March is National Colon Cancer Awareness Month and had I not had the colonoscopy, I would have cancer right now.  So I'm searching Google looking for sites I can help out at because CCAlliance is really for people who have cancer and I do not.  So then I thought well since I feel alone, I sure many other people who have FAP feel alone too because there are only a few places to go (Facebook, is OK but you know, is good too).  But if you search for FAP or spell it out, you don't get much in personal blogs which I find disheartening.

My goal, with you help I want to get my two sites out there so that way people don't feel the way I do, alone.  My sites are, that one I blog more open on since our family doesn't know it exists and the other is, that one is cool because it has articles and cool stuff like that on it.  I want people to not feel alone and luckily I'm all done with the surgeries but next are my kids when they get a little older, but we're taking it day by day with the,. 

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