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Everyone Knows A Colitis Remedy Don’t They?

Posted Sep 30 2011 4:00pm

It is still a little oft puting when the issue of colitis is raised and there is someone who pipes up about some colitis remedy that their neighbours cousin’s daughter found and now “she is fine”. What is often the case that the information is passed down through several people changing the interpretation as it goes.

And did they have ulcerative colitis in the first place rather than irritible bowel syndrome or disease? Be wary of those that appraoch bearing what is thought of as helpful advice.

The diagnosis of colitis must be definitely determined first of all. Whilst the advice may be of interest there is a lot of information that is probably still lurking in the dark never to be brought out into the public domain. Was the large colon only affected by inflammation towards the end of it, namely proctitis, or is there more extensive evidence of inflammation.

Thier guess as to the extent is certainly not a worthwhile guide to treatment. Neither a good guess nor anything short of divine intuition will take the place of a thorough physical examination and a carefully thought out diagnosis by your doctor or hospital consultant.

Here is a little advice…Avoid these people at all costs. If you can’t, just smile and thank them for their “invaluable” advice.

If it was all as simple as some think, it would be easy to find the all singing, all dancing definitive guide to a colitis rememdy that will eliminate pain and discomfort or avoiding the surgeon’s knife for those diagnosed with colitis.

So, no-one has the all singing, all dancing colitis symptoms remedy. If we go one stage further a hear of a cure being proclaimed from a seemingly innocent sole, it is most probably relating to the relief attained from eliminating certain foodstuffs from the diet, which results in a reduction of a colitis symptom. Don’t get this confused with a cure for colitis. By all means seek relief from symptoms, yet the underlying problem of having being diagnosed with colitis remains.

For more information about living with colitis and attaining remedies for symptoms that work for you, then go now to living with ulcerative colitis

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