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Duct Tape Day at the Library

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:29pm

Today we got to play with duct tape at the library. I made a spiffy duct tape book cover. This was a lot harder than it looked. One short lapse in judgement can result in duct tape catastrophe. This stuff sticks to itself at the barest provocation.

Katy working away on a duct tape purse. We ran out of time at the library so she brought it home to finish it. She's almost done and I promised her I would post a photo of it so every one could see what she had made. It's coming out really well.

Flat Freddy found a random abandoned duct tape wallet to hide out in.
It actually wasn't a bad time. Katy and I had fun playing with tape and most of the others were enjoying themselves, too. Notice I said 'most'. One woman was there with her two sons, aged 15 and I don't know...10? 11? Possibly ageless because I am fairly certain he was the spawn of the devil. This 'child' was quite the energetic little critter. At one point he was taking great big wads of duct tape, rolling them into balls and launching them at the walls to see how far they would bounce. The brave, intrepid, librarian threw himself in the path of one tape wad ball sparing me from, if not serious injury, surely serious irritation. The only time the mother took any notice is when she was directly inconvenienced. For example, she told him not to waste the colored duct tape because she was planning on using it. When he took an 8 foot strip of duct tape, wrapped one end around a chair and taped the other end to a table and began to drag the table across the floor with the chair she yelled because it was her table.
The best part of the day came when Lucifer's progeny actually taped his head like a mummy. Getting it off kept him busy and quiet (double bonus) for about 20 minutes. His mother's reaction to the head mummy creation? She said, "Finally, you've done something useful." and she went back to work on her project.
Her other son seemed fine. Well spoken, helped out, not a problem, just a general, all around good kid.
So, I'm not sure what to think. Maybe the woman wasn't a bad mom, maybe she was just numb.
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