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Down Down Deeper and Down!

Posted Aug 27 2011 3:12pm
Today is one of those utterly shit days which all people who feel ill for a long time must go through and I have certainly seen loads of candida sufferers’ accounts describing them.

Once again it is Saturday night and I am sat at home on my own when I should be out because I am so bloated I can hardly get my clothes on and anything that restricts the bloat makes me feel sick as a dog! I’m missing my friend’s stag do and my bf has just gone to his mate’s wedding reception on his own – where he knows no-one but the groom!

I have a cold which is what has triggered the stupid bloating, tiredness and general bowel malfunction but a cold never used to get in my way, it’s so depressing! The worst thing is though, I’ve been feeling this shit for 3 whole years now and can’t remember not having this stress and feeling this unhappy. So I eat and I eat lots of shit to make me feel better which of course makes it worse. I have a very unhealthy relationship with food – the more I’m eating, the more you know I am unhappy!

How have other people done this? How have you picked yourselves up and stuck to a crazy diet to get better? Every time I try I feel so much worse that I have to give up or I’d risk losing my job! It feels like a totally hopeless situation – how do other people deal with this? I feel like the ultimate failure but rather than my usual drive to beat this, I just want to curl up and hide away from it…argh!!!

Answers on a postcard please!

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