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Don’t Forget A Key Factor For Your Colitis Diet

Posted Feb 14 2011 4:00am

When sufferers think about a colitis diet, the one major element that they often forget about is the intake of liquid. Or more precisely, the amount of water, or lack of it that they drink on a daily basis. Yet one of the biggest problems with people’s health generally is the low amount of water drunk each day. Do you know that the vast majority of people are in living in a dehydrated state yet they do not know it?

Your digestive system requires a sufficient amount of water to aid digestion yet with a lack of water consumption, there is the increased change of encountering problems with the bowel…

You need to constantly replenish the water that already exists in your body. But how much should you drink? I have read anything up to eight pints per day but I would rather go with the simple philosophy of drink water when you first feel thirst come on and especially after undertaking any form of exercise, no matter how slight. You should aim for small but often rather than gulping down a pint or two in one go.

By ensuring you are drinking an adequate amount of water, your digestive system will have sufficient water to undertake its job properly. It is very important that toxins are flushed out of the body, especially for those with colitis.

And if colitis symptoms are active, it is very important to replenish the body’s store of water and you will be surprised how much is being lost with having to go to the toilet on a regular basis with bloody diarrheoa. You may also experience hot flushes and sweating so keep drining small but regular amounts of water to counter the symptoms.

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