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Do I have Candida and parasite infection

Posted by shorty128

For about a year now I have had symptoms of a parasite and candida infections but did not realize waht they were until recently. I had bowl movements that would bubble. My stomach would gurggle and I was not hungry. I also would burp after every meal. Another thing that happens all the time is tingling in my skin and numbness in various limbs. When i wake up I have a coated tounge. I have been doing a parasite cleanse. sometimes it helps but other times it doesn't. My gastoenterologist ordered a pill cam to see what was going on in my intestinal tract. I go back for the results this week.  However, I would like a second opinion.



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Find a doctor or someone that can test to rule everything out.  There is a Lab called Genova Labs in NC that can test 36 cultures and is accurate. They will then know what you should do to treat it.  Don't try to do this yourself..I did and was the wrong way to go.


I can honestly say I'm Candida free now. :)

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