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Depression Chronicles Pt. 1

Posted Jan 18 2012 8:31pm

So, a long time back, a doctor suggested to me that I was depressed and should seek help.  I decided that while I was a little down what with everything that was going on, I would never succumb to depression. I was just tired, and a wee bit cranky, and a wee bit sad, and a wee bit....well, I just wasn't depressed and that was that. 
Sure, I was perhaps a little more anxious than usual and I was finding it hard to do certain things like get up in the morning, or give a damn about anything, but that was to be expected.  No depression here.  Okay, maybe just a little. 
 I tried the whole 'fake it until you make it philosophy'.
Yay!  Happy, happy, me!   

After about 15 minutes of that particular stupidity I reverted back to my now standard position. Face down on the couch surrounded by my failure. It was comforting. NOT depressing.
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