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Day Two: Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Posted Sep 17 2013 7:05pm

Got up and made the Kale Ginger Strawberry smoothie again. Still tastier than one would anticipate.  Made a water concoction of lemon, cayenne pepper, and fresh ginger-just let it steep in the fridge and infuse.  I strain it and drink the water cool or at room temperature.  It is also surprisingly good.  Ginger, of course, is good for digestive issues, and hot peppers are one of the best natural anti-inflammatories.

No miracle yet…

Went to acupuncture and that helped my joints some, but not completely.  Had appointment with local surgeon who attempted to scope my disconnected pouch, but the stricture was so tight he couldn’t get the scope into the pouch.  Cue pouchoscopy and dilation on Thursday.  My butthole will be so happy.

Working on locating a compounding pharmacy to mix up some Short Chain Fatty Acid enemas J-pouch Jesus prescribed.   Would like to try something else besides antibiotics since all the pouchitis-preferred ones give me gnarly side-effects.

Still crawling out of my funk, but feeling more like myself today.




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