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Counting Counting Counting

Posted Dec 09 2011 2:51pm


Ok calories. Thinking about them counting them to me is frustrating and totally misleading to everyone. Yes calories let us know if we are over eating. But calories do nothing really to tell us if we are eating something healthy that will fuel our body. For example 50 calories of kale is going to go so much further than 50 calories of cookies which serves absolutely no purpose in the body other than a short mental pleasure ;) .
So what do I propose. Do not think calorie in calorie out. Use the above example. Trying to loose calories of kale is way different than burning cookie calories. So eat whole real food! Nothing full of Splenda artificial sweetner, labeled low fat, microwaved meal. Think of what it takes to fuel your body, and feed it with that. It makes the whole process so much easier. Promise ;)

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