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Colostrum helps people with Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis

Posted Jan 26 2012 9:04pm

I was talking on the phone with great dude name Sean-D who is on SCD and he told me about his experience with Colostrum. I asked him to email me his experience with colostrum so I could share it with everyone. I have had colostrum info on my site but have not had direct feedback to how well it has worked when people tried it or if they actually did.  Please give this information a link and if you decide to give it a try please keep me updated with your results. The more feedback I get the better I can change the site so it will help even more people.

Jay, I appreciate the call and your time today. Was great talking to you knowing there are others out there that deal with the same issues. Like I mentioned, the colostrum has turned out to be the real deal. I order it from Sovereign Labs and at $35 a bottle..its money well spent...For the past year I thought my protocol with oil of oregano, fish oil, vitamin D , and the SCD was the ultimate path to a healthy life. Like everyone else, I am human and I do find myself slipping off the scd from time to time. Then after a few days, that little pain comes back and the bathroom is calling several times a day, the "d" and soft stool comes back. Sometimes I think I am fighting an uphill battle. When I read about the colostrum on your site , I figured " what the hell".........

  I can tell you that a few days after I started the colostrum, I could tell a HUGE difference. I am a firm believer in " you are what you eat" and had always wondered ( before crohn's) if the condition of your stool was some how related to your health .........Unfortunately they dont teach us much about health and nutrition in school..........we need to be able to recite all the presidents but taking care of your body doesnt seem to be a priority.........Long story short.........I whole heartedly believe this is the case. Not until I had crohn's and started the scd did I basically inspect every poop and draw the correlation to what I am eating is directly related to how well my body is working. 
Since using the colostrum..........I can tell my intestinal help has definately improved, I am able to eat things I couldnt before and I feel great. I would say that it has improved my health by 4 fold.  The one thing I have noticed is that if I take several capsules in the morning with my fish oil and drink a bottle of water about an hour before I eat, it appears my body digests breakfast better. Then in the afternoon, I take another couple of capsules with a bottle of water about an hour before I eat dinner. Since taking the colostrum I have eliminated the oil of oregano and probiotics, I have even noticed that I dont get colds and the flu..There are many stated benefits of colostrum........however, I am just happy that it has improved my intestinal health by leaps and bounds

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