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Colonoscopy For Colitis

Posted Nov 27 2009 10:02pm

A colonoscopy for colitis anyone?

It is something that you will most probably have experienced at the very early stages of your diagnosis but have you had it again?

What am I talking about? Undergoing a colonoscopy.

“Ouch!” you may think as you just shiver at the thought of what the procedure involves. When I had my first one in 1994 is was awful, lets not beat around the bush. But that was with old technology. Nowadays, things have really moved on with a very small camera and cable being used. There really should be little pain, more just mild discomfort. And many consultants actually offer sedative as well.

So there is no reason why you should put off or be worried about the procedure.

And it is very important that colitis sufferers are checked at least once every ten years, then as they get older perhaps once every five years. There is a greater risk of sufferers being prone to bowel cancer and a colonoscopy is the ideal procedure to ensure that you are not in any way affected by it. Plus the consultant will be able to assess your colon’s current health in respect of the area affected by the inflammation.

I have provided you with a link to a website that discusses “all things” colonoscopy. Whilst a lot of the info is based around colon cancer it also addresses the subject of colitis and the role of a colonoscopy.

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