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Colon Hydrotherapy – Would You?

Posted Jan 06 2012 6:16am
For those of you who aren’t familiar with what colon hydrotherapy is, it’s usually abbreviated to “a colonic”; essentially water is pumped into your gut via your bottom and this then releases built up waste material.

The point of a colonic is to cleanse the bowel of waste matter and it is especially beneficial to those with bowel conditions. The main aim however is that this cleansing will help prevent conditions as shown in the diagram below. Many argue that this is pretty much essential in today’s modern world with our fast paced lifestyles and the number of chemicals we consume, not just in food but also in the atmosphere.

Despite the arguments for the health benefits of this procedure, there are still many who think of this as something of a taboo subject. Anything anus related tends to be a taboo with men especially and it’s part of the reason our digestive systems are in such trouble.

The real question however is, does this work?  Many say yes and conversely many argue that it’s psychological because it’s not natural so it can’t really be helping. My argument is that regardless, I’d recommend it, especially at the beginning of a diet. I’m a natural stress head and nothing makes me feel as relaxed and cleansed as a colonic – not kidding, it beats a massage for relaxation as it’s right at my core. Not only that but I also find it really energising and I often go off and exercise later that day and that is something I never do!

Has anyone else had this done? What are your thoughts on it? x

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