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Colitis Flare Ups And The Stress Factor

Posted Jul 30 2011 5:00am

Did you know that there is growing evidence that psychological factors contribute to colitis flare ups? Therefore, stress-management training and timely stress interventions may be as important to those living with colitis as the medications now used to treat symptoms when the disease is active.

I can’t underline that fact of the importance of keeping stress under control for better colitis management. So how can you go about trying to ensure that the stress you inflict on yourslef, both physically and mentall is kept to a minimum? Read on for a few powerful tips.

•Practice deep breathing exercises and use deep breathing whenever you feel stress or anxiety.
•Exercise regularly. Aerobic exercise can help diminish stress.
•Meditation and yoga are both tremendously helpful for minimizing stress.
•Spend time outside. Not only does being out in the sunshine help defeat stress, but it also helps your body produce much-needed Vitamin D, which also contributes to better stress management.
•When you feel stressed out, stand up, stretch, walk around, and massage your hands

I would recommend the resource How To Reduce Stress and Anxiety that is part of the colitis package your receive with “The 27 Most Wanted Colitis Answers” colitis package as it has very effective methods or both recognising and reducing the levels of stress that everyone can face during daily life plus how to ensure major life stress scenarios are dealt with to mitigate their effect on colitis.

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