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Colitis And The Exposure To Germs

Posted Dec 24 2009 12:00am

“Pathology researcher Dr Nicola Eastaff-Leung reveals that people suffering Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis have fewer numbers of regulatory cells and more “attack” cells that cause inflammation. “All the food that we eat is foreign to our body,” said Eastaff-Leung.

“In healthy people the immune system has a mechanism to tolerate these foods and not react. But some people do not have enough of these regulatory cells and their body overreacts and goes into attack mode. That is where the inflammation occurs,” she added.
“Inflammatory bowel diseases and a lot of other autoimmune diseases are common in Western cultures but are rarely found in the developing or Third World countries.

“We need to look at our diet and also the obsession in Western countries with cleanliness and antibacterial disinfectants, which has gone overboard.

“Children need to be exposed to bacteria as they are developing in order to build their immune system naturally,” she added.”

I heartly agree with that last statement. So many parents are obsessed with ensuring their children are protected as much as possible from everything around them including bugs and bacteria. An immune system that is built up naturally through childhood will have a better chance to fight off bugs than one that has been suppressed through the over use of medication or protection.

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