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Colectomy problems

Posted Jun 07 2009 7:44pm 2 Comments

Had a left side colectomy April 17th, removed about 12 inches.  The first problem that I had after arriving home was an infection in the incision that was cleared up fairly quickly with antibiotics.  The second thing was I started running about 101 temp, lots of pain and cramping and LOTS of trips to the bathroom.  After many tests and a CT scan, it was determined that I just had a "bug".  Well that lasted about a week.  Since then I have gone back to work but am still having trouble with pain on the left side in my waist area and also lots of cramping.  So much so, I have to get up early for work just to get things calmed down so I can go to work.  Still taking pain meds although not many...keep telling the Doc that I don't want to keep taking all these meds and he just tells me that it was a big surgery, take the meds and as long as I actually take them for pain there will not be a problem.  Guess it is getting better because when all of this started I was taking 2 pills every 4 hours and am now only taking 1/2 pill twice a day.  Anyway, how long should this go on?

Has anyone else had this experience?  Everything I read on the web says I should have been good to go after about 3 weeks, its been almost 6.  Starting to get discouraged.  At least with the diverticulitis, I knew about how long the attack would last.


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Where u had ur surgery done. Plz check it with your doctor for pouchitis. Just relax and do some light excerise after taking permisson from your surgeon. dont stop doing kegel excersie. You can consult dr subash gupta for your problem, he is excellent surgeon in india for liver transplant and gastrointestinal surgery.

For more info plz send email:,,

Had a left colectomy about 4 years ago, Dr told me it takes a good 2 or more years to really feel better. I had a terrible constant pain in my left side for over a year, it just started one day boom. They did every test and everything was fine, I was told that when they scoup free your colon from up around your spleen right by your left rib cage some people get abdominal inflammation which they may always have. It is very uncomfortable. Mine has eased up, I do have a problem however that since my surgery I can not go to the bathroom. Since day one after the surgery I have to have a bowel movement but nothing happens. I have to push from the front and back with my hands, lean forward  anything you think other than standing on my head, I said somthing to the surgeon and he said you thingk thats bad you should see what some people have to do. I have tried more fiber and that just makes me feel horrible and causes more bouts of diarrhea. I am just sick of feeling sick,I won't go anywhere because I never know if I will be in the bathroom 2 mins or 2 hours.
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