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Cold, Cold, Cold

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:30pm

Cold and snowy this morning. Small, bitter, little flakes and a whipping wind. This poor little guy looked so sad and pathetic I was actually trying to figure out a way to bring him inside. Instead I just kept up an endless supply of mixed nuts all morning for him and his buddy. I also put out a few Oreos. They liked those.
All right, get a cup of tea, pull up a chair, settle in, this is going to be a long one. I have all sorts of things to catch up on here. Comments I haven't replied to, rants not fully explored, that sort of thing.
Connie - Thank you for keeping up with me and being so sweet and supportive. I really appreciate it. As soon as the next round of tests is over (Monday) and I have time to recover from those I'll be more like my old self again.
DOOW -(How do you pronounce that?) Do you know what? If I had the land for it, something more than the little patch of garden I have now, I would get three or four chickens. No rooster though, too loud. I kind of miss hearing the quiet clucking and I know I miss having real eggs. I think three or four would be much less over whelming than 40 or so of the damn things. I think I would do a garden again, too. I miss sweet peas off the vine so much.

Okay, news from the Crohn's front.... More purging on Sunday and more invasives on Monday. Yay, me! Can't wait. Unless these tests show anything nasty this should be it for a year so I'll shut up and put up and get it over with.
When I sat down tonight I had this really amazing running commentary about life, love, holidays, fudge, cats, and zucchini. All of it just seems so lame now. Am I sinking back into that nasty little miasmic cloud I just recently clawed my way out of? That would suck. I really don't want to wallow in the swill of my misery. Nasty place to be.
So, I think what I will do right now is a bit of a tidy up, then go wash up and slip into something soft and flannel and totally unalluring but completely comfortable. Maybe something in a green plaid? That would go well with the freckles, I'm thinking. Then curl up in bed, crank up the electric blanket, and sketch while watching BBCAM. I miss all of the British programming we got on the AFN in Germany and BBCAM has some of the detective shows I liked. Touching Evil is on tonight. It's a pretty good one, you might want to check it out.
I think I'll sketch some beetles tonight. And then color them. Show you all tomorrow if you like.
Ambrose hasn't been forgotten, I have a few sketched out and ready to go but... you know... the same old song.... whine, whine, whine. I don't feel good, blah, blah, blah and all the rest of it.
Off I go, then. Good night and sleep well.

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