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chronic diarrhea and gallstones/ gallbladder disease

Posted by jellybabe

Hi I would like to ask a question. I am wondering if IBS can be linked to gall bladder disease? I am 50 , female and slighty overweight. For the past 15 + years I have suffered from chronic diarrhea . Usually within an hour after eating. I suffer cramps , bloating, gas . I have tried food intolerance diets ( ommision) etc and had sigmoidoscopies which revealed nothing sinister. I have seen my GP several times with faecal urgency/ incontinance , pain, cramps, bloating etc and been prescribed Mebevrine, Buscapan and peppermint oil , none of these worked. My gastroentologist has prescribed Loperamide which does work , but I would like to know what the cause is and not just treat symptoms. However I was recently admitted to hospital with acute abdominal pain which turned out to be several large gallstones , diagnosed via MRCP , and a fatty liver. I do not consider myself a drinker.

I have an appointment with a surgeon within the next few weeks to discuss a cholesytectomy and I would like to attend with a little knowledge that these symptoms may be linked . I am hoping that the operation may relieve the chronic diarrhea as I do not want to carry on suffering with this embarrasing condition. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you for your time .


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