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Choosing a Pharmacist

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:49pm
JOEL L. ZIVE, ZIVE PHARMACY: I'm a third-generation community pharmacist, and when my dad first starting practicing almost 50 years ago, you would never question a doctor's prescribing orders. Now it's different. Now it's more of a multidisciplinary team. There's definitely a partnership.

ANNOUNCER: Being smart about your health doesn't end when you leave the doctor's office.

JOEL L. ZIVE, ZIVE PHARMACY: We try to encourage people to go to one pharmacy so the pharmacist can see the whole what they call medicine picture, the bigger picture of what else you're taking. There's an implied level of trust that we're the last step in the drug distribution chain, because we're the last people to distribute it. Also, community pharmacists are among the most accessible health care providers. The pharmacist is providing a service, and you're entitled to take advantage of that service. And one of the things you could do is ask questions.

ANNOUNCER: And a good pharmacist will do more than just fill your prescription.

JOEL L. ZIVE, ZIVE PHARMACY: What I would look for if I was coming into a pharmacy, I would look for a pharmacist that was open to talking to you, for example, we have a private counseling room, or at least a semiprivate area where you can talk about sensitive issues.

ANNOUNCER: It's important to have a pharmacist you can really talk to.

JOEL L. ZIVE, ZIVE PHARMACY: I think the important thing in this day and age, especially with managed care and how quickly time passes throughout the day is that somebody just listens. We have a motto here in the store, and it's up on the wall. It says, "Anyone can listen, but only the sensitive can understand." And that's really, really important, because it's really hard for people to talk about their problems.

ANNOUNCER: Thanks for joining us on today's Once Daily.

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