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Check up with Dr. Levitt is officially scheduled

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:06pm
I havent posted any issues with Dylan lately, because he has done rather well. He hasnt been sick (thank God) and hes just having the regular every day problems with loose bowel movements. I hope everyone found the other information that I posted about Hirschsprungs and the bowel management program helpful. I always feel the need to share the information I learn just because I know if it helps us in some way then someone else could benefit from it too!

OK, so at our last clinic visit with Dr. Levitt, he wanted us to try the pectin, also immodium, and begin with potty training before he sees us again in October. I just emailed the nurse today to go ahead and schedule the appointment and this will be October 9th. We havent yet started potty training and I am a little aprehensive about it....Dylan doesnt really show any interest, and this child has been afraid of everything since going through all the medical issues and hospitalizations last year. He seems to get nervous when he sees certain things, kind of like he has a phobia of anything that reminds him of being in the hospital or even having irrigations or rectal exams done. The poor little guy doesnt like dr offices and screams at well check ups with his pediatrician fromt he time we walk through the door until we leave, he also doesnt even like McDonalds, Im guessing the glass doors remind him of going into a dr office so he puts up a fight when going in. I guess this could be a little bit of post tramatic stress.

So, we will be heading back to Cincinnati to see Dr. Levitt in exactly 6 weeks, so this will give me a little bit of time to introduce the potty training at a more serious attempt before we go back...wish us luck!
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