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Can someone please help with my symptoms?

Posted by AlwaysCora08

Hello, I am 20yrs old, a mother, 135-lbs and 5'1''....(Incase that helps)

On Oct. 7th I bought a small bottle of Magnesium Citrate at had been MORE than 2 weeks since I had a BM..

On Oct. 8th I had a BM, but it did not bring complete relief..

Oct. 9th EARLY! 3:00am... Another BM, still no relief... I eat a lot for my I know there HAD to have been more...

Oct. 9th late night..While in bath I noticed my entire abdomen was swollen and somewhat tender...

Oct. 10th .. Shakey, a little more swollen, all around tenderness, drinking gatorade or water helped temporary...throbbing or pulsating headache, very tired. front ribs were killing me, sharp pains in my middle back, i dont urinate often.. I was going to go to the hospital so I took a shower.. I almost fainted.. so i got out and layed down.. woke up around 7:30pm.. Abdomen still swollen still somewhat tender.. i felt a little better so i went to do laundry with fiance at laundromat.. i noticed that i was getting lightheaded and dizzy just from standing or raising my arms... once finished came back and i started getting dizzy and lightheaded from sitting on the bed and folding laundry... my abdomen hurt a little more...and my back was killing me!...

Oct. 11th morning.. took shower and felt a little better.. while brushing my hair my right hand literally started to swell up! My thumb and middle finger formed indentations on top. i could see my veins literally bulging on top and bottom of hand... what scared me was the fact that it happend over and over... meaning.. i watched it swell up and go back down , then swell up and go back down .. about 4 times in 5 minutes!!!!! my whole arm became weak and shoulder pain developed ... so i layed down again... i woke up with sharp pain in my abdomen right upper and middle... went back to sleep and woke up with everything swollen even my eyelids somewhat... i told myself to relax.. fell back asleep and woke up about 7:00pm that abdominal swelling went down a lot, it's just a little tender and everyonce in a while i get a pain here or there... i have been lightheaded only a couple of times..the pain in my back is still constantly there, and my ribs still hurt too... i have eaten... i still dont urinate often...and little in amount.. i took no medicine because i didnt know what was happening... I don't think my symptoms now are bad enough that the ER will even do anything... Please help.. i've looked at so many sites it's not funny...


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For your urine problem, if you trust on green herbs, you can try this:-

Gather a few stalk of fresh Plantagoasiatica whole plants with roots(about 200grams), wash clean and add about 1500ml water and boil, add lump sugar to taste. Consume as drinking water through the day. Repeat the next day if necessary.

Your problems should lie within your kidney and liver. Consult your doctor for a check-up.

(If you have no idea about this plant, log on to google and search for the picture of the plant)

I've never heard of that plant, but I am looking as we speak. As of right now...the thing that gets me is that my abdomen is only slightly swollen...With just about no pain... I have been getting more and more lightheaded throughout the day...I think I'll just pull my hair out now... Kidding! Thank you so much for your help! :)

Please take note, your doctor who examined you should advise you of what sickness you have. You can post the type of sickness out here. Who knows, maybe there is someone who could help you.

Hope you will get well soon!

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