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Can heartburn/GERD cause a burning/tingly sensation throughout your chest, up into your neck/throat and sinus cavities?

Posted by justatouchofgold

About an hour after I had a breakfast of organic/cage-free eggs, freshly squeezed orange juice and organic whole grain toast I experienced an odd sensation that began as a slow burn in my stomach and then rose up my chest, it felt tingly...almost like when your hand falls asleep sensation, it continued to my throat and neck area and continued into my face, throughout my sinus cavities. It lasted maybe 45 minutes-an hour and then slowly faded away, although my stomach still has a "warm" feeling to it now and I haven't ate since then. Is it possible for heartburn/GERD to do this? I have heard of it causing earaches before because of the pressure put on the eustachian this something similar to that?
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