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can cymbalta cause cirrhosis of the liver?

Posted by jennyo1960

i have been on cymbalta for 2 yrs for depression my tryglicerides were high so they did a liver enzyme test it was high so i had an ultrasound it showed gall stones fatty pancreas and what they thought was a fatty liver during surgery for gall stones they looked at and took pics of my liver the dr said it was CIRRHOSIS it took me 2 and a half hours to wake from surgery i could hear them trying to wake me but i couldnt move or open my eyes and my oxigen went low i have been like a pregnant woman with morning sickness that lasts all day i itch everywhere but no rash i hurt under my right ribs I DONT DRINK or take drugs not even pain pills not 1 with this surgery i need some info could it have been caused by cymbalta?im off of it now but im having side effects brain zaps it feels like im getting shocked and my eyes r rapidly moving when this happens im scared
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