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Can celiac's cause swollen eyes?

Posted by Lori V

I had a colonoscopy 2 weeks ago ( due to suspected Celiac ) and my eyes, eyelids especially, have been swollen ever since. After several days, even under my eyes there was so much swelling that, even when it relented briefly during mid-day, it left my under eye area sagging from being stretched out. I have never had an allergic reaction to anything but pollen. My gastro doc says it isn't from anything I was treated with during the procedure, but it began that night. It has to be. Could it have been the "halflytely" used to cleanse? The demerol to dull the pain? The drug used to induce sleep (the name of which I cannot recall)? The plastic in the scope itself? There is no drainage and no crusting of the eyes, like in pink-eye. I went back to my primary care doc at the two week point. She prescribed prednisone for 3 days and an antibiotic (just in case), Dynapen, for 7 days. It seems to be just the tissue around the eyes. Itching is only slight. She told me it is not likely anything from the procedure, but that everyone's bodies are different. Nothing is impossible. She said likely allergic reaction to something (I have changed,, or a bacterial infection like staph. I work in a bank, so there is no telling. You wouldn't believe the junk that flies off the bills when the machine counts them at high speed. Our hands are filthy after handling customers for a few hours straight. Can anyone give me some insight? Anything the docs aren't suspecting to be the culprit because they just might not know? By the way, diagnosis from scope is "microscopic colitis."

Any advice would be appreciated.


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have you found the problem? did the meds help? having same problem after a colonoscopy.

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