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can anyone give me some advice on a swollen diaphragm and waves of abdo. pain?

Posted by Martine

hi, im not sure if i've come to the right site here but for two days and two nights i've been experiencing waves of a crampish-pain in my stomach and upper abdomen.

My diaphragm feels stiff, bloated and swollen and is very uncomfortable.


I'm not sure if this is trapped wind or gas as its lasted so long and seems to be getting worse.

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 Go to your doctor ASAP it could be a number of things including your Liver or Gallbladder. If it is your diaphragm it could be very serious. I worked in the EMS system for about 18 years so pleaese dont just sit there call or go even if it is ER!



I am sorry I thought I had coverd the colon too it could be it if your abdomen is distended it could be IBS or a blockage. This area is complicated.


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