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Camera Critters 22 ~ Einswine aka Pig-Pig

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:29pm

This is our guinea pig, Einswine, affectionately called Pig-Pig.  She was one of Katy's science class guinea pigs from 8th grade.  As sweet as guinea pigs are, I was not eager to add another pet to our already extensive managerie.  However, it was passionately explained to me that if we said 'no' then the next person on the list would get the chance to adopt her and her mother had already said, 'yes.' 

"That's good." I told Katy.  "Then we know she has a home waiting for her."
Apparently this was not good.  It was explained to me that I would be dooming this poor, defenseless guinea pig to a house of horrors.  The child in question treated the class pets roughly, as if they were rubber toys.  She fed them weird things and her own pets at home were often injured or dying sudden deaths.  Fearing that I would doom this poor animal to a life of sadness and neglect, I gave in.  She's such a sweet little thing that I have never regretted it.  She loves going outside on warm days and nibbling on the grass, clover and yard berries.  She likes sitting in our laps and purring and she absolutely loves chasing the cats all over the house.

Camera Critters
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