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Posted Mar 18 2011 12:24pm



In some cultures it’s considered a compliment.


Burping is a natural body function.  The main digestive reason for burping, also known as eructation (ir-uck-tay-shun), is the production of gases in the stomach and small intestine during food digestion.  This is especially true if you lack essential enzymes, consume large quantities of food, drink a lot of carbonated beverages, eat foods known to produce gases (beans, cabbage) or eat foods to which you’re allergic.  The body naturally eliminates these gases.


Generally, a small amount of air is swallowed when eating or drinking and can be responsible for burps.  If you experience nausea, dyspepsia or heartburn, belching may occur as well.  Relief may be obtained by lying on your side or in a knee-chest position.


To cut down on burping, avoid chewing gum, smoking and eat gas-producing foods and beverages.

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