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Burning pain across middle of back, acute dull pain in upper right quadrant, occasional heartburn

Posted by nbruno3

I also have tingling feeling in my shoulder blades.  I recently had a blood test and it revealed nothing.  Now Im having common cold symptoms which is concerning to me but I hope its just a conicidence.  I have had this problem 3 times before and all three times it eventually went away.  I am also belching alot more than normal.  When I eat it feels better for awiale and then the symprtoms come back.  Yesterday I noticed a small itchy rash on my upper right quadrant.  I am also a hypocondriac and a nervousewreck over all of this.  i have a HIDA scan scheduled this week.  Any ideas would be greatly apprieciated..I also hade an ultrasound 2 years ago, which revelaed nothing. 

 i am a 29 year old male and good shape

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