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Blood in the stool without other symptoms.

Posted by Ekim Tev

I am expereincing NO other symptoms. Ok- I have OCD and am a hypochondriac.  I am looking for an opinion-not medical advice.  I am 32 years old and first noticed blood in my stool 18 years ago.  Since that day I have NEVER bled the same amount.  In fact over the years very little and not often did I even see a bit of blood.  However, it seems that the occurence of blood in the stool is a common one for people.  Nevertheless, when I see it, I freak out.  So here is my question:  When should I actually worry?  No family history of colon cancer and I am in good shape.  So, how much blood is cause for concern and how often?  For instance, if there is a minimal amount of blood every couple of months should I seek tests and is it worth freaking out about??  Listen, I know my OCD hamers me when this takes place.  I study my stool, and have for a very long time.  Please do not even respond if your answer contains the words-"See your doctor for any blood in the stool."  Yeah, yeah , yeah- I have done all the research.  So an opinion please-If you were a betting Doctor/Nurse would you say Cancer??  Thanks
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You should seek tests. Blood in the stool is not common. Unless you have frequent deficaitons and are wiping too much/often and causing abrasions that are leaving your anus raw and bleeding somewhat, you should not notice blood. Defecations that involve blood are usually indicative of something amiss in your GI tract, or a recurrence of things like anal fissure or hemorrhoids. Only a test done by a professional is going to tell you what's happening.


If you think you have colon cancer, you should be screend ASAP. Colon cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer related death in the US. If got early, it's highly treatable and survival rate is high. If left unchecked for too long your survival chances are diminished significantly and procedures becmone increasingly more complex.

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