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Bloating, lower back pain, heartburn, 10 pound gain in a year

Posted by Patsy

I've been having bloating in my abdomen, gained 10 pounds in a year and sometimes at night have what feels like heartburn on the top of my stomach which flares up in the middle of the night.  I have 3 compressed discs in my lower back so I have lower back pain occasionally if I exert myself but lately that pain is more constant and frequent. 

I've been to my general doctor who ordered a CT Abdomen + pelvis and that came out ok, my Gastroenterologist ordered an US Abdomen and that also came out ok and my OB/GYN did US and that was ok also....not sure what else I can do - my gastroenterologist wants to scope me but I really would like a less invasive option if there is one (without general anesthesia)

Does anyone have any insight or has had similar problems?

Thank you

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