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Birds, Birds, BIRDS!!!

Posted Jul 23 2009 12:12am
I am not a huge fan of birds. But this year has brought us some very special visitors at the lake. It has been kinda fun to watch them come and go.

There has been a Loon family that comes by for a visit. From what I have been told, Loon's in our area have been hard to come by. They make a very unique sound so we always know when they outside swimming around. There is a Mommy, Daddy, and baby. I haven't been able to get a picture of the baby, but I did get some pictures of the parents.

The other special visitor is a big Heron. It is so cool when it lands on the dock to check things out. It is so big and majestic. I even got a couple pictures of it flying away from the dock.

The girls favorite visitors are a couple of duck families. The most frequent family is a Momma with her 4 babies. There is also a Momma and 4 "teenagers". And a big group of bigger ducks. Now that they know they can get some food from the kiddos they are frequent visitors. They are not afraid at all either. The ducks get really close to the kids, so close that Megan actually got to touch one of them. It is really interesting to watch the Momma duck look out for her babies.

It has been fun to watch all these animals come back everyday. Even if they are birds. Why do I not like birds? I really don't know, I just don't.
Until next time,
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