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Big Breaths For Colitis To Conquer Stress

Posted Feb 12 2011 4:00am

Did you know that breathing is a highly underrated activity especially where colitis is concerned. To breathe in the proper manner is an important part of maintaining a healthy life and one of the big benefits is that it promotes a calmer approach to life. And where there is calmness there is less stress.

And where there is less stress, there is a reduced chance of giving colitis the excuse to rear its ugly head. Stress creates toxins and acids which in turn affect your state of health, especially realting to the digestive system. So the physical side of things is affected by the mental side of things. Get the mental side under control and you will be able to have a positive effect on the physical side, ie your colon…

In the Deluxe Colitis Toolkit you are given as a bonus, relaxation and breathing is discussed and you will find breathing exercises to undertake. Plus, the eBook “Conquer Stress And Anxiety” has some great tips for mental relaxation. It is so important to understand and appreciate the importance of trying to reduce stress and gain the benefits of calmness.

If you haven’t already, go to Totally Tranquil and get a free ten minute sample of mind massage

How about undertaking breathing exercises say twice per day? It will refresh you and you will see a difference in your breathing as you will need to stretch the stomach and chest muscles. You will need to really focus for the period of time of the exercises, focus on health and wellness, you see yourself as being at the centre of calmness.

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