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Are You Missing Out On Ulcerative Colitis Treatment?

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:20am

When diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, the sufferer will have so many questions that require answering as to how it will impact on their life, the symptoms, the daily living during periods of ill health and how to deal with them. But there is also the important requirement of knowing about, understanding and how to use the available ulcerative colitis treatment that can make a big difference.


In consultation with their doctor or hospital consultant, the sufferer will mostly likely be offered a course of anti inflammatory drugs to initially bring the inflammation of the large colon under control and then to continue the medication in order to try and maintain a period where the inflammation disappears and the function of the colon becomes settled. This settled period can last from weeks to years where the sufferer can expect to enjoy a quality of life similar to that before the diagnosis.


There will also be available to use of steroids to bring the inflammation under control. Administered in powerful dosages, the steroids are extra assistance to fight the disease and bring relief to the sufferer as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the symptoms don’t disappear overnight but through the effect of the steroids they are reduced gradually as the inflammation reduces. Depending on the strength of the attack, this can take from a week to several weeks. The course of steroids will still have to be taken once the worst of the symptoms are over as there requires to be a gradual reduction of the dosage to wean the patient off them.


Depending on the severity of the colitis attack, a sufferer may have to be admitted to hospital in order for the symptoms to be brought under control. There, further medication will be administered with the possibility of greater strength steroids being used. This is only undertaken where the treatment used up to that point has not had the desired affect and the sufferer is regressing to a level of even greater discomfort and pain.


Where colitis symptoms are unable to be brought under control, the only option is for surgery where the infected large bowel is removed and an ileostomy formed. This does not happen to the vast majority of colitis sufferers as conventional medication can and does control the outbreak of attacks.


When people encounter discomfort and pain in the abdominal area, there can be a tendency to ignore it or take “over the counter” medication in order to alleviate such symptoms as diarrhoea. They may try to control it with these mild medications when in fact they are fighting a losing battle. The discomfort and pain can increase to very high levels which can only be addressed with the appropriate diagnosis and prescribed medication. It is important for those with such symptoms, and others having just been diagnosed with colitis, to seek out the knowledge of others, those that have experienced all the symptoms, in order to make their daily experiences easier and ease their undoubted anxieties.

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