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are low vitamin d and b12 levels an indication of crohns disease? how often is crohn's diagnosed as IBS?

Posted by confusedgal411

Hi i have a question about some labs that have come back recently.  Last year i had a lot of digestive issues (bloody diarrhea), docs thought it was crohns, but it came back as IBS.  Been recieving b12 shots for a year now every three months.  just went for a yearly physical, and my doctor is unhappy that my b12 is still so low.  my vitamin d is also low now.  could this all be due to IBS?  or is this turning into crohns?  my folate is normal, just my b12 and d are low.  so now im going for the shots every two months plus oral dissolving pills plus vitamin d caplets.  is this just a malabsorption issue and if so, what is causing this?  i was tested for everything last year-celiacs, hpylori, pernicious anemia, crohns, colitis, etc.  thank you!
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