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Alternative Therapies for Colitis and Crohn’s?

Posted May 13 2009 10:46pm
click on the image to enlarge, I won't link to it because I don't want to add to its credentials

click on the image to enlarge, I won' t link to it because I don' t want to add to its credentials

Well, hanging out in my gmail inbox today I noticed this link for a “blog” that promised to beat colitis by using the recommendations of a book. After looking into it further, I discovered many other “blogs” that have exactly the same content pointing to the same or similar books. What a shame. Colitis and Crohn’s are some serious diseases - what a terrible topic to scam people with.

Image from

Image from

There are, in my experience, some helpful alternative therapies. One book I CAN recommend that I know is not a scam is called Breaking the Vicious Cycle. I read this book while in undergrad with my girlfriend at the time who suffered from Crohn’s (interestingly, this was years before I was diagnosed with Colitis, and many years before surgery to remove my colon from severe pan-colitis ). The great thing about Breaking the Vicious Cycle is the recipes included with the book. It prescribes a specific carbohydrate diet, something tricky to follow for the first time on your own. I recall making spaghetti squash and some cookies from the book. And, my ex-girlfriend’s younger brother still uses the diet from the book, and seems to have his Crohn’s-Colitis somewhat under control.

So, just a quick thought that while there are scam sites out there, some alternative therapies do work to an extent. Since we all seem to have undergone or are contemplating surgery, is there anyone out there in reader land who is using an alternative therapy that has some effect? Pro-biotics? Fish Oil? Diet? Vitamins? Let’s hear about it! Hit us up in the comments with your alternatives to Prednisone or colectomies.

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