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Age Factor And A Colitis Diagnosis

Posted Aug 05 2011 3:48pm

A question was put to me recently about whether the age factor and a colitis diagnosis had any bearing on how a sufferer then was able to confront lving with colitis in terms of the number of relapses, the severity of symptoms and the periods of remissions.

So is there anything in the beliefs that if you are diagnosed with colitis at a later stage of life your expereince will be less severe compared to a diagnosis say in late teens or early twenties?

There was some research undertaken that found various age groups had similar disease extent and severity of symptoms at diagnosis. A year after the diagnosis, those in the late-onset group were more likely to have steroid-free clinical remission (64 versus 49 percent). Of those who needed systemic steroid therapy, the late-onset patients were also more likely to have steroid-free remission by one year (50 versus 32 percent). Former smoking status was a more common risk factor among those in the late-onset group, though positive family history was more common in the early-onset group.

An interesting thought to emerge from this is to bring some aspect of diet/lifestyle into the equation. As there is a much greater preponderance of colitis in the Western world in comparison to the East and Africa, there is scientific theories that some aspect or aspects of Western lifestyle could be a contributory factor. Also, as people in the East, and in particular the younger generation, embrace a western lifestyle including diet are they leaving themselves open to a higher risk of being diagnosed with colitis.

So…can this thought follow and be used to suggest that those of an older age are not so embracing of the younger western lifestyle and therefore, when diagnosed with colitis, are able to respond better to treatment and enjoy a better chance of getting back into remission and staying there, steriod free than the younger generation?

It is a thought that perhaps requires more looking into.

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