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After a colon resection, what treatment should be given for a small rupture at the site the colon was sewn back together?

Posted by tessiemoonrae

My husband had colon resection done 6 days ago, removing a large part of the sigmoid colon for diverticulitis.  He is 39 and normally healthy.  He now has bacterial infections in his blood, an elarged appendix and a small rupture where the colon was sewn together.  His surgeon and infectious disease dr don't seem to agree on what needs to be done at this point.  His surgeon wants to wait a week and see how things are then, after massive antibiotics.  The I.D dr seems to think something needs to be done sooner about the enlarged appendix.  They are inserting a pic line tomorrow for pain meds, antibiotics and nutrition.  My question, I guess is, is it safe to leave him for a week with the leakage from the colon and the enlarged appendix?  He is in severe pain and allergic to many of the stronger pain medications.
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