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Abdominal discomfort AND back pain after eating

Posted by soynofoam

Lately I can eat a meal and have abdominal discomfort (not feeling well, bloating, gas, burping, and possibly some nausea).  AND I get back pain (middle of back, on left and right side of spine), feeling like I need to have back "cracked" or adjusted to relieve the pain.  It seems worse after greasy or rich meals.

Also experience some pain at my diaphragm (I think that's where it is - the top of my stomach in the area in the middle where my ribs curve up and meet) and slightly to the right.

Any suggestions?  A friend who is into eastern medicine said that it sounded like gall bladder and I needed to do some gall bladder cleanse thing which included something similar to drinking a cup of vinegar!  (yuck)

Thank you!


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