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Abby’s Hot Air Abdomen

Posted Feb 03 2009 12:07am

I went in for my third outpatient dilation and pouchoscopy this morning. (I had an additional one done in my doctor’s office without meds - not fun!) I think I have the drill down now. Everyone in the clinic knew my name and greeted me. I filled out the same paper work (for the third time!), went back to the prep area, changed into the beautiful hospital gown, got my warm blanket and waited. The nurse poked me in the arm and hooked up my IV (left a bruise today).
I still got a little nervous as I laid on the table in the exam room just before the procedure began. Then when the drugs kicked in I relaxed. My memory gets a little foggy, but I remember telling my doctor a couple of times in a bit of a panicked voice, “Oh, that hurts!” She was so kind though and encouraged me and told me everything she was doing. For some reason today I had a LOT more gas when I got home. It was like a hot air balloon was in my stomach. After attempting to let it all out, I crashed on the couch and slept for FOUR hours!!
My doctor told me the hole to my pouch had constricted and closed up (not totally) again since last week. I knew that. I could tell. Last night and the night before when I went to the bathroom I had to strain so much to have a BM that my obliques were aching, even after I was done in the bathroom. But I felt some improvement during the week. So I’m just going to keep on hoping that this works.

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