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A Quiet Post For A Quiet Weekend

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:30pm

My weekend has been rather quiet. All in all a good thing, really. Michelle had homecoming this weekend and, as always, she looked absolutely beautiful in her dress. I'll post a picture later. Saturday we did some quick running about. We went to the Bellevue mall, I think it's called Westroads. It's actually a ghost town of a mall. Closed down for the most part. We were supposed to pick up a plaque for someone who is leaving AFWA but it was closed. The only other two stores I saw on the second floor of the mall was a little gift shop and a nail salon.It was sad seeing an empty mall. Storewise, I mean. They apparently use the mall for shows and craft fairs now. This weekend they were having a gun show and sale. So many guns in one place! I even saw a Dirty Harry gun. I'm not really a big gun fan, myself. They seem to cause more trouble than they are worth. I think I saw maybe three women there and they were sellers. The rest were stereo-typicalgood ol'boys. Very polite. Many were accompanied by their sons and grandsons. The only table that really bothered me was the Nazi table. They had a swastika banner proudly displayed next to their table and the table was filled with Nazi memorabilia. I know for some people it is a genuine collecting and hobby thing. But I know that for others it is something else. That's the part that makes me nervous. The glorification and attempt to renew the whole Arayan supremacy thing. It bothers me even more now than it did before. When I lived in Germany I got to talk to people who lived through the war. Up until then I had only talked to people who fought in the war but never actually talked to civillians. People who had to walk down the streets every day and huddle in their basements while bombs fell all around them or try and come up with every day items, not just food but things like soap or scavange through the woods for firewood so they didn't freeze to death in the winter. I saw the pictures that weren't printed in the papers and books and the damage that had been done by both sides. I got more of a sense of the horror of it and now it gives me chills. I just don't like to see the stuff.
We went to the pet shop afterwards and I almost bought a big, gorgeous, new cage for the ratties but the bars were spaced for ferrets and I wasn't too sure about it being able to keep Olvia contained. She's an escape artist extraordinaire. So, we just got the usual stuff.Rat food and aspen shavings for the Einswine.
Then off to Walmart which was a pleasant blur. It was so crowded I just sort of shut everything out and dashed in and out of aisles getting what I needed. One of these days I want to go to Walmart at 2 a.m. just so I can wander around and see what is actually there. It is always so crowded it's impossible to see anything. I find stuff mainly by intuition and blind luck.

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